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ApplesMore and more gardeners seem to be enjoying the pleasure of growing their own fruit and vegetables, and it's easy to see why. Nothing can compare to the taste of freshly picked home grown produce, and there are, of course, the added benefits of fresh air and exercise.

We have a good range of fruit trees and bushes in stock throughout the year. This includes apples, pears, delicious cherry sundance trees, as well as blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberry, rhubarb, tay berry bushes, and more.

Raspberry canes come into stock at the end of October/early November and we have a range to choose from. Varieties such as he early season Glen Moy through and the late season Autumn Bliss, will give you the opportunity to pick raspberries from early summer right through to the first frosts.

In early spring we start selling young vegetable plants, such as Dryham Early Cabbage, Galaxy Stringless Bean, Olympia, to name but a few.

RaspberriesAs the weather warms up we have tomato plants as well as cucumbers and lettuce. Tumbling Tom tomatoes in a hanging basket are always popular and are great when space is limited, allowing you to have your own freshly grown tomatoes even if you don't have an enormous garden.

Onion sets, shallots and garlic are available in spring and autumn and of course seed potatoes from early January onwards. We stock well over 30 varieties, all of which can be bought in whichever quantity suits you. 

If you are keen to spruce up your cooking we also have something for you in the form of a great selection of easy to grow herbs from which to choose. In the warmer months we stock leafy green herbs such as mint and parsely, along with fragrant varieties such as lemonbalm, whilst the hardy nature of herbs such as thyme and sage means that they are available virtually year-round. 

It doesn’t matter how much space you have, whether it's an allotment or just a corner of the patio it is still worth ‘having a go at growing your own’. There are lots of fruit and vegetables that are easy to grow in containers, and if your lucky enough to have more space then the world is your oyster ...or should we say the garden is your larder!

Inspiration & advice

If you look hard you can always find something that needs doing in the garden. At any one time there is always something looking at its best that will catch the eye. Whether planting bulbs, mulching shrubs or planting up containers, maybe we can give you some inspiration.

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