RosesThe rose is a much appreciated addition to any garden, and one with which gardeners have had a long standing love affair!  

We stock a good range to suit all tastes and situations, whether it's the stunning effect of the pure white of Iceberg climbing over an arch that you're after, or the more formal effect of the perfect blooms of Whisky Mac, Deep Secret or Blue Moon, or we even have Rhapsody in Blue, if something more contempory is required. Patio varieties such as Raspberry Royal can be used to great effect when in a planter on the doorstep or terrace if you're after something a bit simpler.

A rose can also make a thoughtful gift for those special events, be it a golden or silver wedding anniversary, something for a loved one or a birthday, we have a selection to cater for these occasions.

RosePeople often think that the care of roses is daunting but it really doesn't have to be. A little time and effort put into pruning dead or diseased wood will enable good air circulation and help reduce pest problems, rust and black spot. Then, make sure your roses have some regular feeding with Toprose or another similar rose fertilizer and your reward will be by way of beautiful blooms and fragrance year after year!

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If you look hard you can always find something that needs doing in the garden. At any one time there is always something looking at its best that will catch the eye. Whether planting bulbs, mulching shrubs or planting up containers, maybe we can give you some inspiration.

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