Christmas Lights

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the magic of sparkling Christmas lights. Christmas lights add light to the darkness and add a little extra to your decorations. Walking around the neighbourhood seeing sparkling lights brings you into the Christmas mood. How are you decorating your house, garden and tree with lights this year? Hang them on the tree, festoon the living room with them, or fling them in great ropes over the house or trees in the garden to twinkle merrily at passers-by.

How many lights for Christmas tree?

You want to know how many lights you will be needing to light your tree. It depends on the height and width of your tree. If you want to be sure, just ask our staff workers. 

As a rule of thumb, buy 100 lights for every 45cm of the tree – so a string of 400 lights is perfect for an average 1.8m tree.

Christmas Lights - Elmwood

Christmas tree lights

The first thing you do when the holiday season is here is to decorate your Christmas tree. Get your Christmas boxes from the attic and check whether you can reuse your collection or you need to complement it with new Christmas lights. We stock a fine selection of Christmas tree lights that turn your tree into a wonderful Christmas tree. Do you want to use sustainable, and cost-reducing LED lights? We have warm white LED lights and coloured LED lights. Explore our range and get your Christmas lights at Elmwood.

Christmas indoor lights

We don’t only stock Christmas light strings, but also sparkling indoor star-shaped lights you can hang on the wall. Don’t forget about Christmas candles to decorate the Christmas table. Here’s what you should keep in mind when buying Christmas lights:

  • LED VS Incandescent
  • Power source – battery-operated or main-powered
  • Length and size
  • Colour and Shape
  • Light modes

Extra features could be remote-controlled, smart controlled, music syncing or built-in timers. Please ask our staff workers for the most featured Christmas lights at our garden centre.

Outdoor Christmas Lights - Elmwood

Outdoor Christmas lights

Decorate your house by hanging Christmas lights in the trees, over the hedge, around the gutter or along the pathway. Elmwood has a small assortment of Christmas lights. Come by and discover our offer on outdoor Christmas lights. We have battery-operated lights to use in wreaths and garlands, as well as window lights to use on the windows. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff workers to help you out. We’d love to help you out finding the perfect light string for your outdoors. Choose between warm white LED lights and coloured LED lights. Also, consider buying lights with a built-in timer, so you don’t have to worry about when to turn the lights on and off.

Buy Christmas lights at Elmwood

During the holiday season, our garden centre offers a fine selection of Christmas lights. You can visit our garden centre for Christmas tree lights, indoor Christmas lights, battery-operated Christmas lights and outdoor Christmas lights. Please ask the staff in our Emersons Green garden centre for more information and advice about choosing your Christmas lights. We look forward to a sparkling Christmas 2023.

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