Flower Bulbs

Unlock the potential of your garden year-round with the enchanting world of flower bulbs at Elmwood Garden Centre. While many garden enthusiasts associate bulbs primarily with spring blooms, our garden centre offers a diverse selection of bulbs that thrive in every season, ensuring that your garden always radiates with natural beauty.

Contrary to the misconception that flower bulbs are solely for springtime, we are proud to present a wide array of bulbs that cater to all seasons. Elmwood Garden Centre sources its bulbs seasonally from trusted flower bulb wholesale suppliers, ensuring that you can access the perfect bulbs to complement each season's unique charm.

Let's delve into the fascinating world of flower bulbs and explore the varieties we offer along with their optimal planting times:

Spring-Flowering Bulbs: Kickstart the gardening season with a burst of color and fragrance. Our spring-flowering bulbs, including Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths, should be planted in the fall for a stunning spring display.

Summer-Flowering Bulbs: Elevate your garden's beauty throughout the summer months. Dahlias, Gladioli, and Lilies are just a few examples of the summer-flowering bulbs that thrive when planted in the spring.

Autumn-Flowering Bulbs: Extend the beauty of your garden into the fall season. Certain bulbs, such as Autumn Crocus and Colchicums, are best planted in late summer to early autumn for captivating autumnal blooms.

Winter-Flowering Bulbs: Even in the chill of winter, your garden can shine. Some bulbs, like Winter Aconites and Snowdrops, should be planted in the early autumn to ensure they grace your garden with their delicate beauty during the colder months.

At Elmwood Garden Centre, we are committed to helping you create a garden that's vibrant and inviting all year long. Our extensive selection of bulbs offers endless possibilities for your garden's transformation, no matter the season.

To explore our full range of bulbs and learn more about the specific varieties and planting guidelines, please visit our website [insert website link]. Each bulb type is accompanied by comprehensive information to help you make the most of your gardening endeavors.

Click on your region below to discover more about Elmwood Garden Centre and our garden plant offerings. We look forward to assisting you in cultivating a garden that delights the senses and brings joy throughout the seasons. Your journey to year-round garden beauty begins here.

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