The best garden centre near Bristol

Have you ever wondered, ‘Where is the nearest garden centre?’ Well, if you live in Bristol, Elmwood is the place you are looking for. We are easy to reach by car via the Ring Road at Emersons Green. In the garden centre, you can find lots of amazing plants, for example:

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At Elmwood Garden Centre near Bristol, it's all about plants

Elmwood Nursery and Garden Centre is plant-based, meaning plants are our main products. Of course, we also sell gardening tools like a digging spade, garden fork and hand trowel, but we do not have fencing or sheds. We love our plants and aim to take good care of them. Making sure they are well watered and fed and generally kept happy! Visit Elmwood Nursery & Garden Centre near Bristol for outdoor plants, container plants, flower bulbs and small trees.

Buying plants at plant nurseries near Bristol

At the Elmwood Nursery, we grow plants ourselves. We plant seeds and cuttings, after which we take very good care of them. This includes checking the ground where the plants grow, giving them the right amount of water and ensuring they stay healthy. Then, when the plants are strong enough to be sold, we bring them to our garden centre. Here they wait for you to bring them to their new home, your garden in Bristol. We aim to always help you find what makes you happy, so please ask us for advice. We are very friendly and helpful! Our garden centre is well stocked with garden products and we have a great range of products, so there must be something for you!

Visit Elmwood Nursery and Garden Centre close to Bristol 

A garden centre nearby? Visit Elmwood Nursery and Garden Centre! We are easily accessible via Bristol. Our garden centre is a family-run business that has brightened up gardens around Emersons Green for years. Since 1991 to be exact! For questions about plants or gardening, please contact us. We are happy to help! For amazing garden plants and small trees, visit our garden centre. See you soon at Elmwood Nursery and Garden Centre, near Bristol.

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