Our Favourite Christmas Items

We all have different styles and tastes and that is especially clear at Christmas time. Some like more traditional decorations while others like to be extravagant and showcase bold colours and patterns. Whatever your taste we try our best to have something that suits everyone. But just like you we have our favourite items as well, so we thought we'd let you know the ones we'll be asking Santa for this year! 


Christmas buds shine the brightest! 

Skimmia Rubella 

Hellebore Gold Collection


Sara's Favourite 

The Parisian Bauble Collection


Mark's Favourite 



Emma's Favourite 

Anything Swan Related :) 


Sophie's Favourite 

Mini Magic Fairy Collection


Ivy's Favourite 

The Dog Plaque Collection - Ivy especially likes the dashing Labrador at the bottom! 



Let us know what your favourites are!