How to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer

Have you adorned your Christmas tree yet? The choosing, setting up, and decorating are all done. But, if you thought you were finished, think again. Proper care is essential to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh for as long as possible. We're here to provide tips to make your Christmas tree the joyful centrepiece throughout the holiday season. After all, no one wants a tree shedding all its needles before Christmas. Let's explore how long does a real Christmas tree last, and how to make sure it lasts until New Year's Day. Read on for the ultimate tips to keep your Christmas tree looking fabulous and the festive spirit alive.

How to look after a real Christmas tree

Hydrate your Christmas tree

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Ensure your Christmas tree gets enough water. A well-hydrated tree sheds its needles less rapidly.

  2. Optimal location: Avoid direct sunlight, and do not place your tree directly next to a heat source. Both can cause your tree to dry out quickly and shed its needles.

  3. Check the lights: Ensure that the Christmas lights don't generate too much heat. LED lights are an excellent choice as they emit less heat.

  4. Regular misting: Regularly spray the branches with water to prevent drying. This is especially important in heated rooms.

  5. Daily inspection: Take half a minute each day to inspect your tree. Check if heavy ornaments are causing branches to bend and move them if necessary to keep your tree strong and healthy.

How to water your Christmas tree

Kerstboom water geven

We advise you to provide your Christmas tree with fresh water daily. Christmas trees need a substantial amount of water, especially in the beginning. Ensure that the water level in the tree stand always stays above the base of the trunk. A well-hydrated tree is lush green, retains its needles longer, and makes your festive decorations shine. So, let watering your tree become a cosy part of your daily Christmas routine!

Switch off the lights when you're not at home

Schakel de lichtjes uit als je niet thuis bent

A simple but often overlooked safety tip for a Christmas tree is to turn off the lights when you leave the house. Not only will you save on energy costs, but you'll also reduce the risk of overheating and accidents. Modern light strings often come with a timer function, automatically switching off the lights after a set period. If you don't have this feature, it's worth investing in a smart power strip with a timer. This way, you can enjoy the brilliance of your Christmas tree, knowing your home is safe when you're away.

Everything for a dazzling Christmas

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