Eco-friendly pest control

Eco-friendly pest control

There is eco-friendly pest control available for just about every pest the amateur gardener will find in the garden, so there is usually something that will help you to protect your plants. Generally speaking, the aim of pest control is to prevent pests rather than completely eradicate them, since each and everyone does have a purpose in the garden - even if you would prefer that purpose not to be eating your brassicas! 

The best eco-friendly pest control 

Without a doubt, the best way is to allow nature to take control of pests for you. By creating a biodiverse garden full of plants for pollinators, trees and shrubs making homes and food for wildlife, a pond for amphibians, a wild area and in general a lovely space for all to enjoy - you will find that pests will be eaten by predators and you won’t need to do much about it! Win-win for you and the environment. The best natural eco-friendly pest control is done by your wildlife, such as birds and ladybugs. Welcome them to your garden by hanging birdhouses and bird tables.

Companion planting is an eco-friendly pest control

When you plant a different combination of species closely together you will find that one helps the other! Some will attract predatory insects, others will steer away from the pests you don’t want eating your cabbages. Some plants have fragrances that pests don’t like. Nasturtiums for example can be a breeding ground for the cabbage white butterfly, meaning they will stay off your sprouts! Did you know that herbs also make a natural eco-friendly pest control? Herbs are what many consider to be “companion plants” for use in vegetable gardens and throughout the garden. Their purpose is two-fold: attract beneficial insects and deter pests. Try planting these herbs in your garden:

  • Mint,
  • Basil,
  • Lavender,
  • Rosemary and other herbs.

These herbs work really well as natural pest control. Planting these in your garden will not only help keep pests away but these herbs can be used to control pests indoors as well.

Eco-friendly pest control with deterrents

Remember: the key is that you are not trying to kill all pests, but just deter them. So, use things like:

  • copper tape around pots that snails don’t like,
  • cabbage collars for root fly,
  • carrot root fly meshes to keep them off your carrots.
  • scarecrows, bottles on canes, shining CD’s blowing in the wind can all deter birds away from your crops. 

Get up close for eco-friendly pest control 

One way to control pests is to pick them off yourself! Pick caterpillars, slugs and snails along with others and re-locate them somewhere far away from your plants! If all else fails, a splash of water can get rid of aphids, netting can keep birds off and think about the plants you will grow - such as no Lilies if you suffer badly from red lily beetle - can work well. There are so many beautiful plants to grow, being without the ones that tend to get destroyed won’t be too much of a loss. 

There are other eco-friendly ways of pest control such as using essential oils and some of the newer products on the market which are made solely for deterring certain pests. There are many options so there is no need to despair. 

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