Salix gracilistyla

Did you know that the red cats you often see in bouquets are not coloured but actually grow on a tree? The Red Salix gracilistyla ‘Mount Aso’ tree is also called the Japanese Pink Pussy Willow tree. This tree is known for its bright pinky-red catkins that look fantastic in late winter and early spring. The branches look terrific in spring and can also be cut and arranged in a vase. Discover this unique tree and get yours at Elmwood Garden Centre.

History Pink Willow Tree

The Salix ‘Mount Aso’ was found in Japan on the volcano Mount Aso, one of the biggest volcanoes in the world and the largest active volcano in Japan. The shrub is fully hardy, making it ideal for growing in the UK. 

Salix Mount Aso - Pink Willow Tree - Elmwood

How to grow Salix Mount Aso

If you want to grow this eye-catching shrub, you must follow our easy growing guide: 

  • Choose a position in full sun to semi-shade, south-facing, west-facing or east-facing aspect.
  • Any soil will do, but make sure the soil is moist but well-drained.
  • Suits Acid, Alkaline and neutral soil’s pH.
  • Average water needs.
  • Prune every two to three years to stimulate steady produce.

When to plant Salix Mount Aso

You can plant shrubs all year long, as long as the ground is not frozen. When you plant the Salix Mount Aso in spring, the roots will have enough time to grow and establish. Dig a hole that’s three times the diameter of the shrub. Remove the plant from the container and wash the potting soil from the roots. Place the root ball in the plant hole and backfill with the native soil plus new potting soil—water well. Make sure the soil is kept moist, especially in the first year. The shrub will reach a height and width of approximately 1.5 metres. The maximum height and spread can become 3x3 in 20 years. 

Plant Salix Mount Aso - Elmwood

Salix Mount Aso leaves

The Salix gracilistyla Mount Aso is a low-maintenance deciduous shrub that loses its leaves in autumn and grows fresh new foliage in early spring. The Pink Willow’s foliage is silvery and silky underneath. The pink-red catkins appear in late winter/early spring, from February to March, before the appearance of its leaves. The Salix ‘Mount Aso’ looks lovely even when the flowering has finished. The lush foliage looks excellent throughout spring and summer in combination with other garden plants that flower later on, such as: 

  • Lilac
  • Weigela
  • Spirea

Buy Pink Willow tree 

Elmwood Garden Centre stocks a beautiful range of flowering shrubs for every season of the year. Purchase the Japanese Pink Willow tree and take your border to the next level. This showstopper will look fantastic on your border and brightens up your dormant garden in winter. Visit Elmwood Garden Centre in Emersons Green, Bristol, and explore our range of outdoor plants, shrubs, perennials and flower bulbs. If you don’t know which plant to combine with the Pink Willow Tree, our fantastic staff workers are always happy to help. 

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