Ideas for small gardens

Ideas for small gardens

With so many ideas for small gardens, you can still grow an abundance of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and have all of the accessories and fun of a more extensive garden. There is no need to feel restricted by space because many plants grow well in containers - even some fruit trees. It is great to get creative with vertical spaces and use every part of the garden, patio or balcony to make it your very own small space, a plant-filled haven. 

Growing in pots, containers and hanging baskets

The go-to for smaller spaces may be to grow a container garden. This is particularly good for patios and balconies or tricky spots. We recommend grouping containers with taller pots and bigger plants at the back and annual or trailing plants towards the front like in a border. The great thing about this is you can shuffle them around and replant annuals for each season, so your container garden always has some interest. Don’t forget to use hanging baskets to grow fruit and vegetables. Strawberries and tumbling tomatoes will look great and provide you with some products. 

Ideas for small gardens with vertical space 

Why not create your own green wall? There are hangers with pockets that you can line up together and plant with herbs and your favourite plants to build a green fence perfect for you and wildlife. You can also recycle guttering and layer them along walls or fences to grow salads in. There are many different types of containers or pots that will hang on fence panels and balcony railings to use every space you can. You could also try growing in a vertical growing tower filled with lots of salads and greenery. 

Furniture and accessory ideas for small gardens 

Big furniture in small spaces can take up too much room, so a smaller patio or bistro set or table and chairs or a bench will fit in perfectly. Why not hang up some solar-powered lights as well to bring some evening glow to the garden and open up the space. Other furniture could include fitted benches around the edges with storage underneath or a swinging egg chair placed in a sunny corner. 

Ideas for small gardens that may surprise you 

One way to make your space look bigger is to use a mirror. Not only can they look incredible, but they really open up the space. Light colours will also open up a space, so a light-coloured fence or wall paint will help. If you really want to entertain and have a BBQ but there is nowhere to store it afterwards, try a fitted BBQ or even a small pizza oven. The options are endless! 

Create a thriving small space with plants, furniture and accessories when you visit us in store.