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Create biodiversity with your favourite perennials

In the past couple of years we have seen the world’s climate change rather rapidly. One of the results is the more frequent periods of drought or those heavy showers during the year. But most of all, we see a large decrease in biodiversity. This means that more mammals, amphibians and insects are disappearing from Mother Earth. Research shows that people want to help stop this, but often do not know where to begin. And this is where Elmwood Garden Centre steps in. Let’s get to work!

Give bees a home in your garden

Did you know that in the UK alone there are more than 300 kinds of bees? People are often a bit scared of bees. And we get that. The bee looks a lot like his buzzing friend the wasp. But, the bee is a harmless insect to human beings and is actually busy doing a good job in our gardens!

An unBeelievable contribution

Bees have very large responsibilities for their size. Without bees there would not be strawberries, apples or pears. And without seeds or berries, birds and other small animals would have no food. Around 80% of crops in the UK are dependent on bees. But bees are having a hard time surviving. Good nesting and feeding spots are being destroyed by the continuous build of roads and houses. Bees are losing their resting place. But us humans can contribute to the future of the bee!

Bees in your garden

Not to worry! You do not have to re–do your garden to allow bees to feel welcome. There are easy adjustments you can make to give bees a nesting and/or feeding spot in your garden. By putting up a bee hotel or planting special flowers you can easily make your garden a bee friendly place.

Putting up a Bee Hotel

By putting up a bee hotel in your garden, you allow bees to find a comfortable resting place to nest and lay their eggs. Make sure the bee hotel is out of the wind and in full sun light. A bee hotel is basically a large wooden block with holes that function as tunnels. In these tunnels bees can lay their eggs. And in between each egg, the bee will place food for their new-borns. A bee hotel does not only allow the bees to have a future, it also allows you to enjoy bees from up close! 

Elmwood - Bee Friendly Perennials

Scented bee-attracting plants

No wonder we use the phrase ‘busy bee’. Bees fly around the whole entire day looking for food. And they mostly find it in plants and flowers. Bees roll little balls from the pollen and nectar found in plants and flowers and give these to their new-borns as food. By planting special flowers and plants you can make their search for food easier. Bees are absolute fans of flowers where the heart is big and visible. At Elmwood Garden Centre you find many perennials that function as bee-friendly plants. Not only do these perennials help the bee, they also give a boost to the look of your garden!

A bee-friendly list of perennials

  • Monarda: a perennial that also goes by the name of ‘Bee Balm’ that gives off an orange-like scent. The monarda is definitely one of the showiest summer-perennials with its bright coloured flowerheads.. 
  • Leucanthemum: also known as the traditional Daisy flower. This bright white flower with a yellow heart is a true pleasure for the bees and can grow up to 2 metres high! The leucanthemum gives flowers from late summer until early winter.
  • Campanula Loddon Anna: this clock-shaped flower comes to life in June and July and gives your garden a beautiful light pink oasis of colour. The Campanula can be planted in any type of soil and can survive winters with temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius!

Elmwood - Bee Friendly Perennials

  • Delphinium: Delphinium comes in almost every colour you can imagine. And it is exactly the colourful stem that attracts bees with this flower. The Delphinium is a great choice for UK gardens as it can survive well in showers or colder periods and does not require sun to grow. 
  • Echinacea: a charming flower that blooms from early summer to early fall. The Echinacea can thrive in any kind of weather, from hot droughts to heavy showers. The flowerhead is a real eye catcher to both humans and bees! 

Elmwood - Bee Friendly Perennials

Buy perennials at Elmwood

Perennials brighten up your garden and come back year after year. Add colourful interest to your garden without having to plant new plants each year. We stock a beautiful range every season. Pick the ones that catch your eye and start landscaping and designing with perennials. Please ask the staff in our Emersons Green garden centre for more information and advice about growing perennials.

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