Winter perennials

Explore our extensive range of winter perennials to avoid a winter dip. Elmwood Garden Centre supplies you with winter-flowering and winter-hardy plants that add interest to your winter garden. Visit our plant centre in Bristol and discover our colourful range of winter perennials. You can plant winter perennials in the garden as long as it’s not freezing outside.

Winter flowering perennials

A colourful flowering garden is something you automatically link to spring or summertime, whilst the winter can also give you dazzling displays. If you’ve never had a colourful winter garden, you have to visit Elmwood in Bristol. We’re a huge fan of perennials, no matter what time of year, and we would like our customers to become plant lovers as well. In our garden centre, we've got plenty of perennials to bring colour to the garden through even the coldest months.

Winter perennials - Elmwood

Top 5 winter perennials

Here are five of our favourite winter perennials that are available at our garden centre in Bristol. Enter our outdoor plant department and find yourself the perfect winter perennial to add colour and interest to your garden during the colder months.

  1. Bergenia are also known as elephants' ears grow clump-forming perennial grown as a groundcover or as edging for paths. This perennial produces big, broad, leathery leaves that show shades of red and purple in autumn and stay evergreen all winter. Fat flower spires top the display in spring.

  2. Heuchera foliage comes in every colour from lime green to deep purple: they have pretty flower spires in summer but in winter make a bright splash of welcome colour. Available varieties at our plant centre are Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’ with dark grey foliage and ‘Beauty Colour’ with green leaves and dark veins.

  3. Hellebores are among our best-loved winter flowers: Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) flowers in December while H. orientalis starts in early spring. The handsome leaves are evergreen, too. Discover our newest variety ‘Viv Victoria’ with fabulous red-purple flowers that bloom from September to April.

  4. Pittosporum is an excellent winter hardy garden plant usable for garden screens, hedges or barriers. You can plant Pittosporum in groups or containers. Plant Pittosporum on a semi-shade spot in well-drained soil.

  5. Hebe is an evergreen shrub with pink flowers that is very attractive to butterflies and bees during the blooming season. Hebes come in many varieties, such as ‘Heartbreaker’ that looks amazing in every garden. From autumn to winter, the foliage turns pink.  

Where to buy winter perennials near me

If you live in the Bristol area and you’re looking for a plant centre that stocks various winter perennials, Elmwood Garden Centre is your place to go. Our knowledgeable staff knows everything about winter perennials and how to make a stunning display. We have container winter perennials as well as perennials to plant directly in the ground. Whatever you’re looking for, we have all plants you need. Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about perennials that look good in winter.

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